Submit Your Photo 2"x 2" for Vietnam Visa

 Submit Your Photo 2"x 2"  for Vietnam Visa

You may use this feature to submit your photo 2"x2" for Vietnam Visa (see sample photo as taken via mobile phone in selfie mode. See Visa Photo Requirements below). It's secure and reliable, and paperless. Note: please select No Shipping Required for shipping methods. 



Visa Photo Requirements


Good quality photograph image is one of the vital part of your visa application. Here are the visa photo do's and don'ts: 


  • Do look directly at the camera with your head center and your facial features are visible. No hair cross your face or eyes. 
  • Do keep facial expression neutral, and the background must be plain and light colored.
  • Do keep both eyes open and your mouth closed. 
  • Don't tilt your head left or right ; or up or down.
  • Don't wear sunglasses, or tinted lenses, or hair band, or head band, or hat.
  • Don't wear a uniform, or military clothing.


You may use the passport app from iPhone or Android for selfie-taking with photo size 2"x2". Red-eye in photograph is not acceptable. Photo must be in sharp focus and correctly exposed.